When experiencing change, one of the biggest productivity hindrances is a team that is not unified. This can be for a number of reasons, ranging from conflicting viewpoints among team members to a lack of confidence in the change process itself. Most often this lack of unity is present when team members are not proactively encouraged to contribute to the change process.

When you are initiating a change process in your organization, big or small, this lack of unity does not have to be the way you operate. By utilizing a diversity of innovative thinking strategies you can easily engage your team members to work together through the change process.

Engaging each team member in the change process

There are four innovative thinking styles that can contribute to a successful change outcome. When these four Innovation Styles® are effectively used they will result in a more energized, productive and unified team. Assessing how your team members can most naturally contribute to the change process will lead to a purpose driven team. Each individual not only feels they can contribute their best, but also knows that what they contribute will drive the team forward.


Those who prefer the Visioning style will want to start the change process with a blank slate and identify areas of opportunity for positive change. They will want to envision how the change could be effective in the long-term and how the change process could ideally take place. This style of innovative thinking will help the team visualize the future and make sure they don’t lose sign of the long-term goal.


Those who prefer the Experimenting style will want to use proven methods to ensure the change process will work. They will want to gather lots of information, create a process and work in verifiable steps as they go through the change process. This style of innovative thinking will help the team learn from the trial and error of their processes to determine the most effective way to be successful.


Those who prefer the Exploring style will feel the most comfortable with the uncertainty that naturally comes with a change process. They will look for undiscovered possibilities and can bring new perspectives that would otherwise be unnoticed. This style of innovative thinking likes to be flexible and will contribute unique ways to accomplish the change process.


Those who prefer the Modifying style are efficient at building upon and optimizing what is already in place. They can easily see what is working and how to use the change process to build a stronger foundation. They are vital to the change process because they keep their eye on what is relevant and identify any issues that could hinder the process. This style of innovative thinking will support the group to focus on the most important next step to take.

Utilizing the best of all four Innovation Styles® will provide you with the ultimate formula for successful change! They all bring their own unique perspective to the change process, resulting in a cohesive and unified team. While some will strive for relevant, short-term progress or a well-tested process, others will keep their eye on the ideal long-term goal or be on the lookout for unique opportunities. When you make sure all four styles are included in your change process, you can be confident that you will engage every team member to bring out the best they have to offer.


Watch these videos to learn more about how Innovation Styles® can boost leadership effectiveness: