You're in for an exciting journey!

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Innovate with Style for Leaders

With this course you will accelerate your impact as a role model and coach for innovative thinking.

You’re in for an exciting journey… a course filled with personal insight, enlightened learning, practical skills, and solid application in your work (and your life). You’ll learn to understand, speak and use each of the 4 Innovation Styles® “languages” for thinking innovatively in your everyday work. And you’ll gain new skills for engaging the people you lead to produce more innovative solutions to their work challenges.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to confirm:

  • I can generate more comprehensive and innovative solutions
  • I have confidence and versatility to think innovatively
  • I engage others to offer a greater variety of ideas and input
  • I gain wider acceptance of my ideas, concepts, and proposals
  • I meet new challenges more effectively and thoroughly

In the 1st section you can download a full course outline. It contains a roadmap of all the videos and exercises you’ll experience so you’ll know where you are and where you’re going. You’ll also have quizzes along the way to help you summarize your learning and make sure you’ve gained full value from each section.

And that’s not all! With this course, you’ll receive 12 weekly micro-learning exercises to take you from “insights to outcomes.” So watch for the email notices that will start in 2 weeks. Each weekly email will introduce your exercise and a link to take you to a video and handout online.

Most importantly, you have access to your course for a full 12 months. So take advantage of all the videos and resources you can access anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can go through any section of the course multiple times to not only refresh your memory, but to also deepen your learning and mastery of the skills.

So, jump right in! With Innovation Styles® you and your teams will actualize innovative solutions that make the biggest difference for you, your organization, and the people you serve.

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