Training and coaching others to think innovatively is an exciting journey!

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Innovative Thinking – Facilitator CertificationWelcome to your certification program to be an Innovative Thinking Facilitator using Innovation Styles®.

Get ready for an exciting and fulfilling journey, personally and professionally. As a certified Facilitator, you’ll be introducing new knowledge and skills, while drawing upon the experience and skills that others already have. You'll be boosting their success as you enable them to deepen their learning and practice of innovative thinking in their everyday work.

With your certification program, you’ll learn how to conduct workshop sessions with 8 objectives, and how to coach using 12 diverse exercises. In your online course, each section of the workshop and each coaching exercise will be introduced with a video, along with related worksheets and materials.

Once you’ve completed your certification course, you''ll be able to train and coach others to gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills to:

  • Develop versatility with all 4 Innovation Styles®
  • Customize ideation questions for specific needs
  • Use diverse ideation techniques to stretch the breadth and depth of brainstorming sessions
  • Engage others to offer a greater variety of ideas and input
  • Improve group dynamics by recognizing and respecting the value of each style
  • Gain wider acceptance of ideas and proposals
  • Consistently develop solutions that are both innovative and comprehensive

In the next section, you can download a full course outline. It contains a roadmap of the background you’ll be learning first, along with the 8 sessions included in your training and the 12 exercises for your coaching.

While you’ll want to learn and master each of the training and coaching sessions, consider this online course to be a repository of resources to choose from when you need them. You will typically plan your training and coaching sessions ahead of time, but don’t forget: these resources are always available to you across all your devices.

So jump right in! We’re sure that your professional skills will grow in your role as a Certified Innovative Thinking Facilitator. And you’ll be enabling others to meet their work challenges in a new, better, or different way as they strive to produce positive, innovative solutions.

We look forward to being with you on this journey, and wish you the very best!

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