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Cut through the "innovation" noise to innovate NATURALLY in your every day work
...from a basis of good character and values


Innovation is everywhere... you can't escape it. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding entrepreneur, being innovative is a core competency you need to be successful in your work and fulfilled in your career. That means doing things new, better, easier, or different while producing positive benefits, alone and in teams. And doing them in a human centered way.

Since 1987, we've been passionately helping people like you to discover their most natural way of being innovative, thinking innovatively and acting innovatively. We focus on your strengths and help you develop the skills, mindset, and behaviors that bring out the innovative best in yourself and others... naturally.

All of our online courses include strength-based self-assessments that give you clear, customized feedback on your most natural preferences and tendencies. From these personal insights, you'll know exactly how to take your new capabilities for innovation and put them to work right now.

If you want to advance your unique strengths for being innovative, you’ve come to the right place! Enhance your work performance. Advance your career trajectory. Gain the satisfaction of making a more innovative and meaningful contribution in your work.


Introductory offer - 20% off Professional courses

To encourage you to get to know VCI's online innovation courses, you can enroll in as many leader and individual courses as you wish for 20% off the regular price.

Sign up for a free account and use the discount code "2022INNOVATE." Pass along this code to your colleagues and they can also receive this discount.

Each provocative 3-4 hour online course includes:

  • Professional learning videos
  • A strength-based self-assessment with personal profile
  • Practical application exercises
  • Short quizzes that reinforce learning
  • 12-weekly micro-learning exercises for follow-up practice

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What you can achieve with VCI is limitless!

Kent Wrenn
Director Talent Management
Burgess Norton

VCI provides elegant, human-centered solutions for learning and enabling innovation. Their evidence-based, online content is well designed, organized, and highly effective for new and experienced users.
Michele Patry
Innovative Facilitation

Our partnership with VCI has added value by both extending the suite of learning solutions we can offer and by expanding our team’s expertise and innovation in all that we do.
PT Navendra
Head of Data Services
HD Vest Financial Services

I was fortunate enough to execute a departmental turnaround using the VCI framework. Not only did we accomplish phenomenal outcomes, the practice of disciplined collaboration and innovation carried over into every facet of our lives.
Catherine Zhang
Content Manager
Human Resource Excellence Center

We are so impressed by the content, tools and methodologies provided by VCI's program. We feel like we are in an Innovative Journey where we are enriching our minds and our understanding for innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ When does each online course start and finish?

VCI's online courses are completely self-paced and are always available across all devices. After enrolling, you will have 12 months of unlimited access to each course. That time can be extended through a corporate license.

+ Are all of your online courses available now?

While we do have a good selection of online courses available now, we're continually launching new courses based on our 10-module curriculum.

To see the courses we currently have available, click here.

In addition to launching a next generation course on "Conscious Human Centered Design" in 2021, we also plan to launch a course featuring our "Meaningful Engagement" module, which includes our Human Values self-assessment.

+ Do you also offer blended learning, virtual and onsite workshops?

Yes. We support a variety of delivery needs: self-paced, blended learning, virtual and onsite workshops, and certification of internal trainers, facilitators and coaches.

+ Can internal trainers, facilitators and coaches get certified in your modules?

Yes. Certifying and empowering your trainers, facilitators and coaches is our strength!

We can customize certification to best fit your needs using onsite workshops, offsite coaching and/or online courses. Some of the certification courses are available online now. If a module is not available online, we can conduct the certification through onsite workshops or offsite coaching.

We have 2 types of certification, one for trainers and one for coaches. The Trainer Certification is designed for those who want to deliver workshop sessions to people who have not yet been trained in a module. The Coach Certification is designed for those who want to coach people who have taken a workshop or online course about a module and need to apply it to their work. If a person needs flexibility to both train and coach others, we recommend obtaining both certifications.

Each certification program includes extensive resources such as: downloadable videos, PPT slides, workbooks, exercise materials and more.

+ Can you customize online courses for our organization?

Yes, we enjoy customizing either the online courses or virtual/onsite workshops to fit the needs of your organization. We can also customize workshops that your trainers and facilitators lead.

+ Do you offer corporate discounts?

Yes, we have a quantity discount structure for our online courses. We'll also work with you to get the most out of your budget, while creating a win-win for everyone.

+ How do I access all of the courses you offer?

We’re glad you asked! We offer a fully-integrated set of modules to build innovation capabilities throughout your organization.

Any time you want to view our full range of courses, just click on the "Public Courses" tab at the top of this page. This will take you to our course home page where you can find everything that's available, including free mini-courses. If you need a customized course, just let us know and we'll design one for you!

To learn more about our full range of modules, analytics and services, download our Innovation Program Guide.

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Download our Innovation Program Guide

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The VCI Difference

VCI’s diverse work with global cultures since the mid-1980s gives us grounded experience and insight into how individuals, teams, and entire organizations innovate.

Now, all of this experience is available to you, so you can "innovate your way" and thrive in these complex times.

Why VCI?

We're focused on you - You have work to do and positive results to produce; it’s our job to make your work more motivating, innovative and easier.

Results oriented - For us innovation is doing things in a new, better or different way and producing a positive benefit; that’s our passion and purpose in everything we do.

Strength based - Our analytics and self-assessments are designed to build the self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence it takes to be innovative; we balance inner transformation with mastering new capabilities.

Integrated and coherent - Our models, processes and tools have a common language and understanding, so you can feel confident that each time you engage in a VCI course, it will reinforce what you've already learned and put into practice.

Values centered - Human values, the positive qualities of good character found in all cultures across time, are the energizing ingredients for the what, why and how of innovation — and the foundation of all of our programs.

Relentlessly researching and innovating - We’re actively advancing the field of innovation with the latest thought in Innovation Enablement paradigms while simultaneously innovating our own models to stay on the leading-edge.


Jump right in and experience any of the professional leader or individual courses at 20% off!

Sign up for a free account and use the discount code "2022INNOVATE." Pass along this code to your colleagues and they can also receive this discount.